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What's Next? Podcast  

Hosted and Produced by Alison Desmond

Alison is also a Podcast Creator for her very successful “Whats Next?” podcast.

Alison chats to individuals who have graduated college and about experience after college and different pathsRecently graduated or years out of college and their story. Their journey and experiences whether long or short, from leaving university 
Each week on Sunday at 11am (GMT) a new episode is released. 

Guests vary from many industries such as marketing,science,business, travel and NGO’s. 

Podcast: Welcome
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Podcast: Services
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Fiona and I talk about how running a small business can lead you down a path of personal development and why, particularly for service-based providers, your business needs to be connected to who you are. We also discuss what can happen when you view your competitors in a more positive light, why clarity is key, how your money mindset can affect your messaging, and what you can do to build your confidence when you begin having doubts.

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