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What Clients Say?


Working with Alison has been a surprise. Surprising in the sense of a lesson in myself and why my messaging wasn't working. She has helped me better understand my own brand, my messaging, and what I want more than a coach has. She is an integral part of my team and so understanding of my inability to sit still. Also gotta love the Irish accent and turn of phrase!

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What can I say to help you realize how you would benefit from working with Alison??  I had the pleasure of working with Alison when she joined our team in Irish Guide Dogs as an Intern.  She immediately brought energy and enthusiasm to the office.  Added to this was her intelligence for Marketing and her empathy for our client base.  Alison helped us shift on the digital space to create a more vibrant and relevant voice while never losing sight of what really mattered.
If you are a charity or NGO looking to gain traction in what is a very difficult space right now you would be hard pushed to find a better ally than Alison Desmond.

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Alison’s ingenuity was key during our brainstorming and strategy planning sessions, helping formulate several email funnel and marketing plans. She used her strong communication skills to engage with our audience and increase brand awareness for our business.
A large portion of her deliverables required Alison conduct market research and learn how to write for our specific target audience. It necessitated she become proficient with platforms and tools such as Canva and Trello.
Alison handled her tasks with adaptability and grace under pressure. She has a strong work ethic and a desire to continually learn. I’m confident she will excel in her future endeavors.

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